Various Input Sector Specialists in Fertilizers, Seeds, Crop Protection, Irrigation, Farm Implements

IFDC Overview
The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is a public international organization (PIO) focused on increasing and sustaining food and agricultural productivity in developing countries through the development and transfer of effective and environmentally sound crop nutrient technology and agribusiness expertise. IFDC has been active in Uganda since 2012 implementing the Netherlands Embassy-funded CATALIST-Uganda Agribusiness Project (Catalyzed Accelerated Agricultural Intensification for Social and Environmental Stability) from 2012-2016, the REACH Market Systems Project (Resilient Efficient Agribusiness Chains) 2016-2020 and the 2SCALE Regional Agribusiness Incubation (Toward Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship Project (2012-2018).
Project Description
IFDC is recruiting for 1-2 anticipated USAID Market Systems & Input Project(s) (2018-2022) that will serve to sustainably increase smallholder farmer incomes; increase the availability, affordability and accessibility of farm inputs; improve the nutritional status of women and children; and increase the resilience of the agriculture and food system to the changing climate using a market systems approach.
IFDC is recruiting for various input sector specialists in the following fields: fertilizers, seeds, crop protection, irrigation, farm implements & mechanization
The specialist will manage their specific input-related interventions in collaboration with MAAIF, input suppliers, project partners, service providers and farmer organizations to ensure the availability, affordability and accessibility of inputs in target areas. More specifically, the fertilizer specialist will work in the context of balanced fertilizers (crop-specific blends containing secondary and micro-nutrients); the seed specialist will work to identify seed quality / varietal requirements (e.g. taste, perishability, marketability, disease resistance); and the crop protection specialist will work with to identify problems, diseases and pests, recommend treatments (biological as well as chemical)
Develop, monitor, analyze field demonstrations with different input combinations, provide feedback, and undertake economic analysis and training with partners and farmers.

Don't Be Fooled

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